Easy way to make more money

Yesterday I cancelled some insurance that I didn't need anymore. That's about $150 more in my bank account every month.

A couple of weeks ago I cancelled a few streaming services, that's another $25 per month.

A few months ago, I called my mobile carrier and managed to lower the price of my phone bill by $30.

If you add all of it, that's about $200 that I save every month compared to earlier this year. That's substantial.

You probably already know this, but these examples are a good reminder that the best way to increase our income is to cut expenses.

Bonus story: A couple of years ago, I had to be careful with my expenses, and tried to cut as many unnecessary things as possible. One of them was cookies, chips, sodas, and all other kinds of processed foods. I also reduced the size of my meals. Not only did I save money, but I also lost 15 pounds in 3 months!