Back on Ghost

This site is hosted on Ghost, a fantastic publishing platform, built by people with great values. I backed the project on Kickstarter almost 6 years ago and used it for several years. But I had to make budget cuts early 2017 and moved my site to a much cheaper DIY solution.

While that DIY solution was great for my wallet, it turned out to be quite complicated to write and publish content. So much that it discouraged me from writing. Many times, I thought about writing something, but the thought of going through this tedious process was enough just to give up.

I like to write and want to try more, and for the past couple of months, I considered moving the site back to Ghost. The price was what refrained me from moving forward. It's overpriced for my needs, but the thought of supporting this great team behind the project convinced me to pull the trigger yesterday.

It's changed a lot since the last time I used it, in a good way. The editor is a joy to use, and I'm very excited to be writing again!