Car dealerships' missed opportunity

Earlier this week, I went to Audi for my car’s annual checkup and to get the winter tires installed. They offered me a courtesy vehicle while they work on the car.

The few times Audi handed me courtesy vehicles, I was looking forward to testing an Audi model different than mine. Instead, they loaned me non-Audi cars: a GM and a Kia. I was disappointed. And this is where the dealership is missing an opportunity to sell new vehicles.

They could have loaned me a slightly-more-expensive-than-my-car A4, which may have convinced me to upgrade last year when I got a new A3. Courtesy vehicles are a great way to offer customers to test drive cars they might be inclined to buy in the future. It also helps retain customers.

By loaning other brands cars, it’s possible the customer might prefer the competitor’s models. What if I had loved the Kia (I didn’t)?

This time, I had a brand new Audi Q3, the SUV version of my A3. I was excited to try it. In the end, I was not impressed with that car, I prefer my A3, but at least I now know the Q3 isn’t for me, but I would recommend it to my mom.