I Don't Have Time For The Lazies

For the past couple of years, I have been contacted around twice a week by recruiters. Most of the time from LinkedIn. I rank them in three categories.

  1. The lazies - They just send me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. I ignore them, even when sometimes they make the effort of adding a custom message instead of just leaving the default one.
  2. The average - They send me a message from LinkedIn before trying to connect. Usually they give details about the position they’re trying to fill in. I answer them, sometimes after several weeks, but I make the effort to answer them, because they took the time to write a message, even though it may be a canned message.
  3. The good ones - They send me an email to my personal address. That means they’ve done their job and tried to find more about me than just what’s on LinkedIn. I usually answer them within a day or two.

It’s not very hard to land on my site and find my email address. Yet, I’m shocked that very few recruiters send me an email instead of going through LinkedIn.

There’s a shortage of iOS developers, so you would assume that recruiters would try to do their best to attract them by doing a minimum of research. But no… most of them are lazy and just send an invitation to connect. I don’t have time for the lazies.