I Have No Clue What's Going On

Let’s get back about fifteen years ago. I was watching the half-hour newscast on TV, waiting to see the summary of a soccer game at the end of the broadcast. Five minutes in, bad news. Ten minutes in, bad news again. Twenty minutes in, more bad news. Twenty-five minutes in, sports should kick in, but guess what? Still more bad news. We reach the thirty minute mark and the show ends, nothing about sports. We went through thirty minutes of bad news, and no sports, not even any good news at all. I was pissed.

That night I decided to stop following the news. And over time, I became happier and more optimistic about everything.

At some point, I got back to following the news again. And you know what? My optimism started to fade out.

Three weeks ago I decided to cut the news again. Besides sports, I’m not reading the news online, I’m not watching the news on TV, I’m not listening to podcasts, I’m not reading RSS feeds, I’m not browsing my Twitter feed.

I have no clue what’s going on, and it feels good. Really good.