The Morning Coffee Experience

Grande no whip mocha. That’s my drink at Starbucks. I’m actually not a coffee fan (I don’t like bitterness); however, I appreciate it when mixed with sugar and chocolate. I’m also not used to caffeine, so even a small dose has a big effect on me. The amount of coffee in the mocha is enough to kick-start my day.

I usually stop by my local Starbucks on the way to work three to four times a week. There’s a coffee shop with a better reputation a few blocks away where they prepare coffee with great care, and their mocha is delicious. Nevertheless, I prefer the experience at Starbucks.

There’s something we tend to overlook: the people who work in coffee shops have more impact on the world than they think. The way our mornings start has a big influence on how our day turns out. The more snags you experience, the worst your day may be. A good day usually starts with a good drink that wakes you up and makes you feel alive.

However, a good drink is not enough. What I enjoy the most about my local Starbucks are the nice, short conversations and the smiles the employees share when they hand me my mocha. This makes the difference with the nearby famed coffee shop, where they are so serious about their ‘craft’ that there’s no talks and no smile.

Now think about this on a larger scale. If those small talks and smiles work for me, imagine what it does to thousands of others. Working at Starbucks may not be the fanciest job in the world, but I’m pretty sure the people who work in those coffeehouse chains have a greater influence on the world than we think.