Professional Writer

When I was 18, I almost went to university to get an English literature degree instead of studying programming. I wanted to learn languages and write well.

Fast forward to today, I write hundreds of words a day and I’m fluent in several languages. Not the same kind of writing and languages I pictured back in the day though.

I write code for a job, the audience are my co-workers who read it, and computers that generate apps out of it. The languages I use the most are called Objective-C, C, Ruby, and Javascript.

At the time I gave up on the idea to go to university, I wanted to write for a large audience about sports or a sci-fi novel. I haven’t achieved any of this, but still, for the past 10 years, I’ve stayed in front of a computer writing… code.

It’s only a month ago that I made the link between those early aspirations and my current situation. Sometimes you give something up and think it’ll never show up again, only to later find out it never left.

I’ve recently started to write about sports, and learn Spanish. Interesting how things go in life.